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Now, China’s rocketing house prices, a lot of people want to invest in real estate. While China’s houses are expensive, many are diverting their attention to Singapore properties. With high rental prices and low interest rates on loans, the advantage is also attracting many Chinese businessmen to invest in Singapore. So Singapore real estate market, where do we stand?

Compared with other countries, Singapore’s cultural environment, locales, etc., could make it easier for domestic investors to adapt. In the social environment in Singapore, the unemployment rate of less than 2 per cent, as a result, social stability, security, good, safe and orderly. In urban environments, Singapore green good housekeeping, with a high level.

Singapore some preferential policies to invest in real estate investment property to foreign buyers, as there is no limit, no currency controls, no estate tax, only turned over to the government’s stamp duty. Foreigners can also be loans, rental income to repay the loan. Singapore brings considerable economic growth returns, property value and stability of the currency, Singapore is also the advantage of investment property in Singapore.

This time by a prominent real estate developer MCL Land, the high-end apartments in the development of Singapore’s famous P&T architects design Consultants Pte Ltd. Projects have a total of 1,399 units and five shops located in 900, 916 Sims Ave near the Eunos MRT station is within walking distance of less than 100 metres, it’s about a three minute walk to the TOP, and is expected to be 31 in December 2022, the project has a total of nine buildings on every floor, there are 18, a high building project in view of the apartment to the five apartment.

Focus on: A 34,997 square metres of floor space projects, project itself green area accounted for 75 per cent and construction is only accounted for a mere 25 per cent Green residential, it is conceivable that there are many good, just one of the swimming pool on 50 metres long, and a total pool of type that is 63 metres long, 47 meters wide.

Geographical location

Parc Esta is conveniently located close to Eunos MRT station in the 14th District of Singapore. East Coast is famous in Singapore, a highly popular area with numerous residential properties.

There a vast of large supermarket and locals like the wet market in the vicinity.

The Eunos MRT station is also a station away to Paya Lebar MRT station, where is an interchange transfer stations for commuters to switch between East-West line and Circle line. Residents will find it easy to access to Raffles Place/ City Hall – Raffles financial centre, and Changi Airport.

The 2018 government policies has great transformation plan for Paya Lebar, from beginning to extend to the Eunos and Ubi becomes a prosperous and integrated commercial center, has a wealth of office space, retail shops and eye-catching public area. planning going into a new business hub, there will be 12 hectares for commercial use, which could open up a wide range of business needs.

So Parc Esta was located within this area, and the entire planning of the project is the largest, most important of which is also near the MRT station, so the growth potential is unlimited. Paya Lebar is the first part of Square and one km shopping mall has Singapore Singpost Centre led by residential and commercial offices and shopping malls have been completed, the two are due to open early next year to foreign investors.

So when Parc Esta can go after the completion of the commercial centre of the future Paya Lebar go shopping or to stand or sit for more fast food, a shopping center and City Hall government building a new shopping centers, as well as to the Changi airport, Changi Airport is the latest in several halls, fourth in the hall, Don’t just offer tourists arrive and go abroad to be so simple, but rather a collection of retail and entertainment facilities for the integrated shopping malls, but the new hall will be able to accommodate more than 300 retail in catering, has now become the Singaporeans like to go to the shopping and weekend children playground.

Another item to the east coast and drove just six minutes, occasionally can take the kids and my family to go to the beach on the East Coast eating seafood and play.

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