5 hottest new homes sales in February and March

Coronavirus disease outbreaks from 2019, new homes affected in March and declined significantly. The top five sales on major projects, compared to a total of 421 units sold in February for the first five big projects 900 units sold in half.

In March during the of the debut of new condominium project, Ola (EC) is the top sales project in the mist of the Covid-19 outbreak. The project is sold 170 units, equivalent to a unit of 31% 548 project.

Ola is located in Sengkang Anchorvale. Parc Canberra is the second EC project. Ola EC is selling at a median price of $1139 per square foot, slightly higher than the $1102 Parc Canberra.

Launched in February, EC project located in the popular estate Sembawang and Anchorvale are still popular. Parc Canberra was a runner-up in the February sales in March to sell 43 units, ranked fifth. The project has a total of 496 units have been sold, or 71%, 355 units.

According to Urban Redevelopment Authority at the end of March, date shown a total of 829 New EC unsold units, the average price has been the ruler from 2016 up to 782 billion yen in the first quarter of 1106.

Real estate analysts noted that the new EC price is close to home, now a mass outbreak of disease Corona, creating uncertainty for the market is also expected to make a limited budget buyers become more cautious, to much more price sensitive, so developers next may need more time to sell units.

Sales in March, the second Jadescape 76 units sold, with a median price of $1719 public. The project near Marymount MRT station, launched in September 2018 has sold a total of 61%, namely 740 units.

Number three is a Treasure at Tampines, 69 units sold last month, the median public price of $1355. The project is to have up to 2,203 units of hypermarkets project, launched in March last year a total of 1081 units sold.

Located in the eastern part of Singapore, Parc Esta ranked fourth, 63 units sold, with a median price of $1657 public. The project has been sold since its launch in November 2018, 83% of the 1164 units.

As a result of disease Corona shocks in March, the developer has unveiled a new private units, not including Ola, only 578 EC project than a February survey, fewer than the same period last year was a little more security mounted.

In terms of sales, excluding EC in March, he sold a total of 660 new private units, compared with less than a month of February, including the tonnage of EC 904 units for less than a month of February, 31%.

In March, according to analysts at the new private buyers are mostly buying for own-stay.  Up to 89% of the median unit price a few feet from $1000 to $2000, compared to the February release of 55%.

In April, China started to implement the “circuit breaker” to block measures until end June 1 party, and analysts expect the new home market in the second quarter will be more quiet.

In the meantime, some developers and real estate salesperson had adopted to virtual visual tour way to attract potential buyers to look on the internet and transactions. How effective is it, it remains to be seen.

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