Parc Esta top selling project among other new launched residential project

The private project opened in October, more than the project launched earlier into the pet market, where sales are highest on the list last year Dong Jing court (Parc Esta).

In 1399 the Eunos Dong Jing court is a unit of large projects, including the 92 units sold in October, has had a trade sale of the unit. The friends apartment near the subway station Notts, accessibility is a big reason to attract buyers.

The lot of middle income apartment and former friends of snow Royale (Eunosville) in 2017 to 765,780,000 billion collectively sold to MCL estate (MCL land), which is about 15 higher sale price. As a result of high land prices, and therefore the development of the Dong Jing court nor low, price per square foot for data transmission speed in 1686 dollars.

The second stage of the project’s box garden treasure (treasure at Tampines), last month sold 88 units. The Saint Souz group (Sim Lian) private development projects had 2,203 units.

And, like treasure Dong Jing Court garden apartment median income was originally a paragraph Tampines Pavilion (Tampines court) of the locations, Saint Souz group in the year before to 970,000,000 billion acquisition. At last month’s sales, the median unit price is $1373 feet.

was runner-up in last month’s opening day 19 Roman Xuan (neu at Novena) near the city centre, the city’s upmarket private projects a total of only 87 units, but less than two weeks of which is sold at 2585 yuan for trade, located in the foot in terms of price, the project opened soon able to rank among the top five of Billboard, and its popularity cannot be underestimated.

The project is Rosing Pacific (Roxy – Pacific), and group Macly Lin wenheng buildings belonging to the joint development of a permanent lease. This apartment is only four minutes of station Norwina walk, transportation networks, and around facilities, popular with buyers.

Hong Kong is ranked fourth in Ling yuan (Parc Botannia), in October sold up to 49 feet, and the median unit price is $1334. This is the Sheng harborfenville road project has so far sold 663 units, ninety percent of the total units.

This mid-sized private project has a total of 735 units, owned by the developer stars (Sing Holdings) and Wei he Holdings (Wee Hur Holdings) joint development.

The private project of the upmarket beach road name sinks (Midtown Bay) to occupy fifth position. The Guoco Real Estate (GuocoLand) developed the project in October debut, although the location is near the central business district Xuan Gen novel, but only 48 units sold. With up to 2900 billion reasons to believe that the median price for feet.

The urban renewal authority, according to the latest data from the October launch of the new private projects, not much in the month of year-on-year sales slipped to 26.9% 928 one. The developer has unveiled a new unit 892 only a few months, the former by nearly half.

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